Rainbow Veins

ya the title doesnt go with the picture but i absolutely LOVE THE SONG RAINBOW VEINS i love owl city.. 🙂 my favorite part is the chorus:

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
and tell me when it rains. Ill blend
that rainbow above you, and shoot
it through your veins…. (thats not the whole chorus but i love that part!) hah

well ya sorry i havent been very consistent with my pics i am in club vball and it is a lot of weight training, agility, etc… so here are some pics i took a week ago… u can see the snow in the background haha hope u like it


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Push&Lift Trainer

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Is a Life Fitness Elliptical the Best Elliptical Trainer For You?

Elliptical trainers are consistently gaining popularity. What makes this particular exercise machine so popular? If you've worked out on them already already know, but if you have not you may want to give one a try to learn first hand. Probably the main reason they are so popular is because you can work both your upper and lower body at the same time. Some feel they are one of the most efficient types of fitness equipment, so if you're only able to have one piece of equipment many are choosing the elliptical.

Of course there are many other benefits of elliptical trainers making people want to have one in their home. Having home fitness equipment makes it easier for us to exercise on a regular basis. You do not have to spend time driving to and from the gym and you can slip in a workout whenever you have a … Read More