Personal Trainer – Meeting a Prospective Client

In the personal training arena, a Prospective Client is like gold. Since our industry is

In the personal training arena, a Prospective Client is like gold. Since our industry is considered a luxury, when someone is interested in training, we need to approach this in a professional manner and not of desperation (which is what a lot of trainers do). In this current economic environment you should not seem desperate to take on any client, at any rate, because you need to make a living too. There are certain steps that a personal trainer needs to do in order to get the most out of their referral or interested client.

Personal Trainer Steps with a Prospective Client:

1. The personal trainer needs to return the call of the prospect or referral in a timely manner. Do not wait days or weeks to call them back: strike when the iron is hot.

2. Speak very clearly and if you need to leave a message repeat your phone number a few times and the exact available times and days that you can talk.

3. Once you speak with them, set-up a time to meet them in person at a neutral location like a coffee shop or small diner.

4. When you meet, ask your initial questions, but most of all you want to Listen-Listen-Listen. You want to know about their goals, wants, needs, complaints, injuries, etc. You will be amazed how much information you can get from someone by just listening.

5. Repeat back to them what they have just said and ask them what they would expect from you. Also, ask them to ask any questions they have for you (unless already discussed).

6. Pick a date, time and location where they would like to start their training.

7. As a personal trainer, you need to let them know the costs of your services (unless already discussed). If they say that you are too expensive, then come to a middle ground where it is a win-win for both parties.

8. Once they agree on training, have them sign the liability waiver prior to training and they will sign 2 copies (one for them and one for you). Payment can be right there on the spot or when you first meet for you session. Get payment before you do any kind of training.

9. Thank them for their time and for choosing your services (if they decide to).

10. If this was a referral, then mail that person who referred you a thank you card with a small token of your appreciation.

When doing these steps, some of them may get intertwined or the conversation may stop even before meeting. Regardless, your ultimate goal is to get a meeting with the prospect so they can meet you and discover if there is a match. Hopefully they will be blown away by how you can help them achieve their health & fitness goals.