Personal Trainers – 10 Tips to Find New Clients

If you’ve recently qualified as a personal trainer, and haven’t found your perfect job, then perhaps you’ll need to widen your search area, and change your thinking. You might even want to get your own clients, and possibly start up your own business.

1. The idea of attracting clients using your local newspapers might seem a bit outdated now, but this can prove to be a successful way of gaining more business, especially if you can arrange to be interviewed by the newspaper.

2. Ask friends and family to see if they can think of people who are looking for a personal trainer. The more people you ask, the more people you’re likely to be able to contact.

3. If you think that it will be a worthwhile investment, why not put an advert in one of the fitness magazines you regularly read? This can put you in touch with a wide audience that will be interested in your services.

4. You local gyms might have run a successful advertising campaign, and got lots of new members. If you’ve got the skills, experience and attitude that some of these new members want, then you might be in luck and able to help them.

5. Another way of finding clients or a job, is to use sports websites and forums. These will be full of people who are interested in sports and fitness, and will want to improve in their chosen field. Participating in discussions on dedicated forums for running, swimming, cycling, and football could easily pay dividends, especially if you can prove you know what you’re talking about.

6. Weight loss websites and forums can also prove to be effective if you’re looking to find new clients or a job. All of these people could potentially need to take more exercise, and you might be able to help them.

7. Why not advertise your services in the local paper, or in shop windows, Remember that the more places you place your advert, the more people are likely to see it.

8. Update your website often, and make it look as professional as you can. If web design isn’t really your thing, then perhaps you can swap a few personal training sessions for a website!

9. Use your social media accounts regularly so that people who know you can be kept informed of your achievements, and that you’re looking for work.

10. Contact local sports teams and coaches and see if they could use a personal trainer. Perhaps there’s a player coming back from injury, or one who need to be a bit faster, or could do with gaining muscle, or losing weight. You might find a lot of people interested in your services this way.

Now you know more about how get your own clients, it’s probably harder than you thought! If you’re now convinced that working for a gym isn’t such as bad idea after all, then why not see what sort of Personal Trainer Jobs and other Fitness Jobs are available?