Personal Trainers – Are You Doing These 3 Essential Marketing Techniques?

There are plenty of marketing tips for Personal Trainers to help promote their business, but there are three that can give your Personal Training Business a quick, solid reputation.

First, develop your testimonials.

Testimonials are a key first step. Take before and after photos of your clients. Type up their brief story: their goal, how you helped them achieve it and how long it took. Put up a display or board to showcase their achievements. If you are doing any newspaper advertising, testimonials like this make excellent ads. However, do not forget to ask for your clients' permission before putting their success stories up on any public space. Usually clients are flattered when they are featured and best of all, they're often willing to create a great testimonial for you as a trainer. In addition to boosting your business, you are giving them well-deserved recognition!

Write a column

Speaking of newspapers, ask your hometown paper if you could write a weekly or monthly column for publication. Rather than be paid, you can approach the paper and ask instead for a small photo and byline with your article. This will get your name and face in front of the public for free. While the newspaper gains readership by offering service, you are building yourself as an expert in the field.

If you have a local radio station, ask if you can be a guest on the air to discuss personal training, typical issues clients face, or answer phoned in questions. This is a great free promotion and puts your business out there in the playing field.

You may apply the same principle to the Internet. As a world-wide medium, you will extend your knowledge around the globe!

Get in the Paper

The third gem of a marketing strategy is to create and write a newsletter. Prepare it monthly and send to all your clients and to potential clients. This does not have to be fancy, especially if you are sending it by email. Just compose an email detailing upcoming events, special offers, information on supplements or health products you promote, and of course testimonials. Send it out to your clients and if possible, to potential clients too. As you accumulate more leads, add them to your newsletter list. Remember when emailing a newsletter or mass email to keep the receivers' names and addresses private. Your best option would be to use an email autoresponder.

One way to do this in most email programs is to put your contacts in a group or simply put all the addresses on the "bcc" line. (BCC means Blind Carbon Copy.)

If you want to hire someone to whip up a superbly designed email you can, but this is definitely something you can keep simple and just do yourself. Almost all autoresponder services have templates you can use to make your newsletter look highly professional.

Follow these great marketing tips and you will soon be reaping the rewards in your business!