Personal Trainers – Find Your Target Market

Success in any business requires that you pick a target market. Personal trainers are entrepreneurs, and as entrepreneurs you need to focus on the people you want to attract. Do not cast a wide net to catch as many potential clients as possible. You want quality over quantity to effectively grow your business. Deliver a message that will help you find clients who want your personal training.

A personal trainer – whether you have your own place or work for someone – should target people who are looking to work exclusively with a personal trainer. This may sound like a "Duh" moment, but it is not. I'll explain why.

When you are as specific as possible with your target market you,

o Will clarify your message

o Will increase the chance of attracting people that want what you offer

o Will not waste time trying to sell people something they do not want

o Will not make the mistake of targeting people regardless of their interests

o Will not be engaged in the futile attempt to please everyone

You will find clients that you can build a business with by clearly articulating what benefits the clients will reap by working with you. When you can communicate who you are and what you do, you weed out the people who are not qualified to work with you.

I started my business when the fitness craze was in full swing and every month there was a new, hot training method or gadget people were clamoring for. A lot of trainers and facilities focused on responding to the fleeting demands of the general public, or casting that wide net. As a result personal training and exercising became about entertaining people. Aerobics classes, step classes, spinning, Tai Bo, cardio-kickboxing, and on it went.

My passion was – and is – to work with people on a one-to-one basis. I did not – and do not – want to waste time on people looking to be entertained. As the guy who only works with people who want a personal trainer and can commit to 2-3 days per week, every week, those are the people I attract. I've never had to deal with people who would train occasionally, were aerobics class junkies or looked at training as if it were just the latest fitness novelty.

Because I have clearly communicated my message I've avoided wasted time and energy chasing the wrong people, weeded out "tire kickers" and attracted clients that I still work with almost 20 years later. I own and operate a successful facility dedicated exclusively to personal training thanks to my target market.

As a personal trainer you need to communicate with your target market. Be passionate about what you do and know the kind of people who you want to work with and you will attract clients that will allow you to be successful.

© Sal Marinello 2009