Portable Exercise Equipment – Revealed – 3 Dangers to Look Out For

With the high cost of gym memberships and home gyms, more and more people are turning towards portable exercise equipment.

Portable exercise equipment offers the average to the advanced body builder many benefits. Of course the more obvious one is the fact that it is portable. To me this type of exercises equipment has saved me tons of money when I travel.

I find that most hotels do not really have an adequate gym or workout area. Most of the time, in the past; I would have to go down to a local gym in the area and pay $ 10- $ 15 to workout for the day.

The other nice feature about portable exercises equipment is that you can take it to your office. On the days that you just can not get out early enough to workout at home, you can take 15 or 20 minutes to get in a quick workout at your office.

Most portable exercise machines can be easily stored or folded. They usually do not require much in the way of assembly and can be quite inexpensive.

You can get a quality piece of portable exercise equipments very cheaply. They can range from $ 20 to as much as $ 500. Certainly within the budget of most individuals. When compared to an annual health club membership which typically costs between $ 800- $ 1500 depending on the area you live in.

Here are 3 things to look for when you're ready to purchase your portable exercise equipment:

1. Ability to perform a large amount of exercises – many exercise machines offer a limited number of exercises. Some of them merely target the legs others target the abdominal area. The better ones will be able to provide you a total body workout and will offer you at least 50 or more different exercises. Why is this important? Variety is the spice of life – if you only have a few exercises that you can perform you will quickly become bored and quit on your fitness program.

2. Warranty – since most of these pieces of exercise equipment are very inexpensive, most of them will offer a very limited warranty. Try to get the longest warranty possible.

3. Training Support – most portable exercise machines are designed to target one or two muscle groups only. Make sure if one of your goals is to drop body fat that they provide you with sample menus, and nutritional information on the best food choices to reach your fitness goals. Also, you want to make sure that the training program that they provide you is utilizing the latest in exercise physiology. Make sure they are including concepts such as muscle confusion, circuit training, and isometrics as part of their training protocol.

Choosing portable exercise equipment is not very difficult. Make sure that the exercise machine you purchase will grow as you become stronger and leaner.