Proper Gym Etiquette at Your Apartment Fitness Center

3 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Apartment’s Gym Top Shape

Are gym prices too high? Are you interested in keeping yourself in shape? Many apartment complexes now offer several great amenities, one being a community gym. Unfortunately, though apartment complexes boasts about providing affordable gym facility that is also convenient for you, most do not maintain it consistently. Below are a few simple steps on how you can help maintain a beautiful gym to keep a happier and healthier you.

1. Always bring a workout towel with you.

It is always proper etiquette to wipe down the equipment after each use. It is also wise to bring a work out towel in case the person before you did not wipe down the equipment after themselves. You definitely do not want to work out on someone else’s body fluids.

2. Return equipment to its proper place.

There are many reasons why it is important to always return equipment to its proper place.

1) It can be frustrating when you are looking for a certain piece of equipment or weight, but cannot find it because someone did not return it to its rightful place.

2) You do not want to trip over equipment that was not put away. Most apartment complexes will not clean up the fitness room on a daily basis.

3) Just because you are able to lift 45lb weight, doesn’t mean the next person can. It is up to you and other residents to help maintain the condition of the community gym.

3. Keep the noise level to a minimal.

Always be courteous to others and keep the noise level to a minimal. Please do not scream, grunt or shout during your workouts. Others are in the room and cannot concentrate on their workouts when you are loud. Also, if there are televisions and stereos in the room and you have turned them on, please be sure to turn them off as you leave. Think Green!