Review of the 'Face Fitness Center'

Many people develop a double chin as they age and while this unsightly facial feature can collectively be attributed to natural causes such as genetics, some of the causes are due to lifestyle choices.

The 'Face Fitness Center' offers one of the few products on the market specifically designed for people wanting to lose weight in facial areas including the chin and the cheeks. The following is a review of the product in question which is called the 'Face Fitness Formula' .

Designed by John Socratous as a way to boost his modeling career this guide is the culmination of his own research as well as tips and insights that he has picked up from inside the fashion industry. Being scared of going under then knife and unable to afford cosmetic surgery he went his own way and has developed a system for those looking to improve their facial features.

'Face Fitness Formula' is essentially a step by step guide on how to lose weight in the face in only thirty days. It is the most comprehensive facial fat loss guide available online in that it not only focuses on facial exercises but also on a specific diet for this part of the body.

Along side his in-depth guide, John Socratous also offers a set of 40 videos that demonstrate the various exercises that you can do to reduce facial fat. He has included the standard facial exercises that were already familiar to me but he also includes a good number of more unconventional facial exercises that I had never seen before. These videos are divided into two sets for those wanting to focus on reducing a double chin and those more interested in getting rid of chubby cheeks.

The guide also comes with a monthly meal planner and dietetic specifically for losing weight in the face and getting rid of a double chin. The 30 day schedule is broken down into weekly modules that include a variety of health and fitness activities from body cleansing and a unique diet plan through to physical massage and meditation.

Response to the program has been great since its introduction in 2006 and the 'Face Fitness Center' website features a number of glowing reviews including one from author Ron Douglas and the well known Dr. Douglas Hamilton. The guide comes with three bonuses, including an anti-aging guide and a guide for getting rid of acne. Currently priced at $ 47 the 'Face Fitness Guide' comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason.

John Socratous stands by his program 100% and is there offering $ 100 to anyone who is able to find a program to equal or better his own. This would be a tough challenge as he is currently the only person online with a comprehensive weight loss program that targets the face.