Ri Treat Aerobic Waste Water System

This is a short video on how the Ri Treat Aerobic Waste Water System works in your home.

Waste water travels from your plumbing fixtures into a series of drainage pipes below your home. It then enters the main drain which is connected directly to your Ri Treat waste water treatment system.

Your waste water then flows into the first chamber where it undergoes settlement and digestion for a minimum of 24 hours. This is the anaerobic part of the treatment process.
Settled waste water then flows from the Primary Septic Chambers into aeration chamber 1 where air is pumped through in fine bubbles, providing the distribution of air and turbulence required for effective treatment of the waste water.

Turbulence causes liquids to travel in a circular motion through the bio filter medium, which encourages biomass growth. The biomass incorporates nutrients and oxygen from the water, leading to a reduction of impurities as the effluent passes through the system.
Effluent and sludge then pass into the settlement chamber , where the sludge settles to the bottom before being returned to the primary chamber, along with scum which floats in the settlement chamber.

Settled effluent water passes through the chlorinator into the irrigation chamber where it is held for irrigation and is pumped out when the chamber is full, at approximately 450 Litres.

After your household waste from the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry have entered the Ri Treat waste water treatment system, it is now separated and has digested the solid waste, using a natural process to purify the wastewater. This odourless, clean, disinfected water is then reused through sprinklers in your garden.