Save Money on Your Gym Membership

In these hard economic times where we're all trying our best to save money and

In these hard economic times where we're all trying our best to save money and being that little bit more careful with our hard earned cash, staying fit can be difficult. Gym memberships are often seen as a bit of a luxury and can be the first thing to face the cut during hard times. But not having a gym membership does not mean you can not still keep fit, there are lots of ways to keep fit without having for fork out each month for gym memberships.

The first thing to consider before you make the decision to cancel is whether you have the right level of membership – many gyms offer much cheaper off peak packages. If you find that you only go during the day or during other off peak times, you may be able to save yourself money by switching to a cheaper package. There's no point in paying extra to use the gym in the evenings if you never go at that time.

Many people find that they need to motivation of a proper gym and can not work out at home. Rather than signing up to your local private gym or health club it's a good idea to check out your local leisure centre – many also have gym facilities and are often considerably cheaper options. Many also have pay as you go options rather than having to commit to monthly memberships.

If you have your heart set on joining your local la fitness or fitness first, there are a few things you can do to try to save money. The first thing is to try before you buy – signing up to a 12 month membership is quite a financial commitment so you need to make sure the gym is right for you before you sign on the dotted line. It is important to bear in mind not only whether facilities and classes are suitable but also whether actually going to the gym is for you. Nearly all gyms now offer free passes ranging from a free day up to 7 days. If you have a friend that is already a member, make sure you speak to them first – existing members often get allocated a certain number of free guest passes to entice their friends and family along, plus if you do decide to join up they'll usually get some kind of reward in the form of reduced membership cost of vouchers of some sort. The other thing to think about, once you have decided that the gym is for you, is to try to haggle on price. Most clubs will be able to offer some flexibility on signup fees at the very least.