Smooth And Durable – Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers

Life Fitness makes some of the best elliptical trainers on the market. They have a variety of models for all different kinds of workouts. Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers are used in gyms and fitness clubs all over the country. That tells you that they make a quality machine.

Life Fitness has several models.

X1 – This is their most basic model, but that does not mean that they cut out any of the high quality they're known for. Like the other models, the X1 is known for its smooth, natural elliptical feel. What you're missing with this model are the advanced features and programmable options.

X3 – There are two models of X3; one has a simple heart rate readout, and the other has more features, including realtime interactive heart rate monitoring.

X5i – The X5 goes one step further and gives you adjustable stride length.

X9i – This model is the top of the heap. Actually, this is the commercial grade model used in gyms, but it's available for home purchase as well.

Why Life Fitness Machines Are Popular

Life Fitness trainers are sturdy. Because they are designed to be used in a gym, their ellipticals are tough. They can hold up to 300 pounds without any trouble, and can be run hard for long periods of time. The parts are high quality and not prone to break.

These ellipticals have a 19 inch stride, which is slightly larger than that of most ellipticals. This makes them a much more comfortable and natural feel.

Like most ellipticals, Life Fitness machines have heart rate monitors. They also have the My Personal Trainer software which you can use to create your own workout. This helps athletes who want to make sure they have a full body workout.

Life Fitness Has It Down To A Science

Life Fitness ellipticals are known from their smoothness. Other machines just do not compare. This remarkably smooth movement is the result of the scientific research that they put into designing their machines. The company has its own biomechanics program to study how the body moves.

They also have the Life Fitness Academy. This is a collection of fitness professionals and experts that the company consults in order to design the best machine possible.

The Cons

Unfortunately, Life Fitness does not offer much of a warrantee. Their standard warrantees are for only a couple of years, as compared to other companies like Sole that offer 15 year warrantyes. While this is a drawback, Life Fitness elliptical cross trainers rarely have any mechanical problems or repairs.

The other drawback is that all this fancy scientific research and biomechanics costs you. Life Fitness machines are not cheap, but they are not cheaply made either. If you want a Life Fitness trainer, you can expect to pay well over $ 2,500. Even the mid-range models like the X3's go for about $ 3,000 new.

If you're serious about getting a great elliptical workout, a Life Fitness elliptical cross trainer is for you. This is a durable machine with lots of programmable options for the serious trainer. It's great for athletes who want to vary their workout. There are lots of ways to use the Life elliptical Fitness.