Strength Drugs: The Wave of the Upcoming

The year is 2006. Patients are submerged in MRI equipment that bounce magnetic fields off

The year is 2006. Patients are submerged in MRI equipment that bounce magnetic fields off the physique to diagnose ailment, and surgeries are performed with small lasers, with no even puncturing the skin. Healthcare doctors now stand by in awe, looking at absolutely awake individuals receive open-heart surgical treatment with only the anesthetic help of small needles put on specific factors.
Drugs, as nicely as science, has been through a radical adjust in the previous century. We have progressed from leeches and saws to “Cat” (CT) Scans and EKG readouts. At this time, the vast majority of our most innovative diagnostic resources are instruments that acquire power readouts of the physique.

Much beyond a science fiction fantasy, these are frequently utilised lifestyle-saving gadgets. Even extra modern machines features desktops that evaluate the toughness or weak spot of every single organ in the physique via sensors connected to the fingertips, related to an acupuncturist getting a pulse meridian check of a affected individual.
In reality, all of medication is presently reaching the position where by power will be viewed as the most important modality in prognosis, as nicely as in treatment method.

Ageing and Condition Slowed Down
by Tachyon Strength

When it arrives to slowing down the getting older procedure, as nicely as healing the physique from ailments, and maintaining a healthful metabolic process, new physics and ancient oriental medication agree on a widespread alternative: tapping into the endless Tachyon, or “lifestyle power” field. If this is the alternative to our modern-day maladies, how do physicists and oriental physicians advise that we go about accessing this field, and how just does it enable us? Why do we age, and why do we get sick? Condition and getting older, in accordance to physics, are effects of “entropy”.
Entropy is the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and describes the tendency of all matter to be digressing to a condition of rising dysfunction.
All techniques in the universe obey this basic law dwelling points tumble aside more than time. Man is no exception to this rule. Our getting older procedure, as nicely as ailment development, even the deterioration of the coherent condition of our brain, is thanks to entropy. However, whilst all lifestyle tends in direction of entropy, there also exists an opposing power that would seem to defy, even counter, the tendency in direction of dysfunction. This “anti-entropic” power was named “Tachyon Strength” by Dr. Gerald Fienberg, a physicist at Columbia College in 1966.

The most important attribute of Tachyon power is its skill to keep the incredibly matter of our universe collectively like a glue. Nicola Tesla, an experimental physicist, was a person of the first to set Tachyon, (or “Gravity Area” power, as he termed it) to sensible use. Finest recognized for his inventions in AC energy field, Tesla’s aim was to present an choice power source for all folks. Physicists this sort of as William Tiller, Ph.D., at Stanford College have devoted decades to the research of Tachyon power, and it stays as nevertheless a incredibly new and fascinating field in physics, as nicely as the implications in the use of the Tachyon field for wellness. Tachyon power is basic to our existence, and we make use of it in all of our lifestyle procedures. Digestion, for case in point, is the trans-development of matter from a easy condition to a hugely organized, sophisticated sort.

Metabolism is also a “Tachyon” purpose of the physique, as nicely as the healing of bones. In reality, whenever you maintain an damage, the reality that the physique knits alone collectively, as in soon after surgical treatment, is a “Tachyon” impact. Our skin renews alone fueled by this power, and our organs maintain their purpose, and cleanse them selves employing Tachyon Strength. Our daily vitality, in accordance to oriental physicians, is proportional to the volume of Tachyon, or lifestyle power, power that we bring in and contain.

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A Healthcare Doctor’s Perspective
by Dr. F. Ghaly, M.D.

“Tachyon Strength?”
My introduction to the field of Energetic medication initially came abruptly. I held again a sarcastic remark as my colleague, Dr. Fontain insisted that a mysterious “Tachyonized™ Belt” had “created me come to feel 10 years more youthful… all my aches and pains are absent, and my individuals are noticing the big difference in my power stage.”

By now, I am receiving accustomed to these calls from colleagues. It would seem that the medical field alone is going via a changeover, and the doctors I affiliate with are increasingly extra fascinated in non standard solutions. Also, possessing directed an global anti-getting older clinic, numerous of my individuals appear from overseas and supply me a extra progressive standpoint on wellness.

Continue to, his claims did seem a minor far too remarkable to be genuine, and I straight away shelved it in my brain below “U” (unbelievable). Yet, my investigative brain spurred me to embark on a look for for other doctors’ investigate on the matter. I located a paper composed by Dr. Vlach, a spouse and children health practitioner, and study that his father’s struggling from a sciatic condition (again, leg and foot discomfort), and diabetes had been alleviated with the use of several Tachyonized™ objects.

This details encouraged me to search further more, and I then came across a report from Dr. Pearl, M.D. She noted an power raise in 5 out of 5 individuals, restoration from degenerative disks, as nicely as intestinal difficulties, headaches, cystic mastitis, knee difficulties, allergy symptoms and achievements in assuaging a massive varicosity on a patient’s leg.
In a science journal “Raum & Zeit”, a estimate from a Dr. Scott incorporated details on how a affected individual recovered from tendonitis of the foot (Plantar Fascitis). Pursuing this, there was a revealed recommendation from a surgeon who had utilised the belt to “lower discomfort from a ruptured disk” in his again. He noted his shock at a “quick healing”.

The clincher for me was when I was reading a fitness magazine, and an Olympic gold medalist mentioned that, “With the Tachyonized™ supplies, I healed in a matter of two months from a tear which the doctors had informed me would preserve me out of the Olympic trials.” Amazed by fellow doctors’ stories, I agreed to test a Tachyonized™ belt, at first just to satisfy my individual curiosity. I was amazed to discover that during the situations I would put on it, I felt a surge in power, primarily in my usual weary moments in the late afternoon. Remaining a doctor, of program, I attempted numerous experiments to make confident that the effects had been not just a placebo. Despite my original disbelief, I was astonished at the big difference that it created. My spouse and children, also, has noted relief and healing from many ailments. Out of all the nourishment and physical exercise routines that I have attempted personally, I need to say that my knowledge in employing Tachyon Strength was very profound.

A Revolution in Physics Prospects to Healing Systems

Little particles of matter represent our bodies and our complete universe, keeping all the things collectively only via dynamic relationships of power. ninety nine% of our physical physique consists of “vacant” place, which leaves the remaining one% as the complete volume of physical matter that helps make up our particular person existence.
Albert Einstein approximated that the complete physical mass of all of mankind put together would comprise the space of a baseball. Looking at these details, it would seem alternatively ironic, that the vast majority of medical therapies available at current emphasize physical and chemical medication, manipulation, and surgical treatment. Would not we be extra efficient and direct in addressing the difficulties of power fields, if power constitutes ninety nine% of the physique?

Renowned physicians this sort of as Dr. Hans Nieper, M.D. (New York Academy of Sciences), are concluding that the discovery of “Tachyon Strength” within the beforehand assumed vacant place of matter will produce a revolution in our present check out of medication. In his e book,”Revolution in Know-how, Drugs and Culture”, Dr. Nieper concludes, “House is filled with a Tachyon field, the power concentration of which is very significant.” Other experts have calculated that the potential power within the regular sized man or woman would be equal to close to 150,000 liters of gasoline, sufficient power to mild up a modest town.

With these discoveries, any doctor could definitely agree that power is extra basic to our wellness than nourishment, physical exercise, or medical intervention. This assumption is not only centered on the physics of power, but also on the operating of the human physique.
Persons with a incredibly significant polarization of their mobile technique transform extra Tachyon (lifestyle power) power, in accordance to Dr. Hans Nieper, pointing out that their need to try to eat is modest in contrast to other folks. He implies further more that individuals with this sort of a condition of existence also seem to exhibit a increased immunity to ailment.

Chinese doctors, when asked about the secret at the rear of healthful centenarians in their culture, make clear this phenomenon as “individuals with significant Chi (lifestyle power) power”. Einstein himself, when questioned about medication and science concluded, “All of our endeavors are centered on the belief that existence should really have a harmonious composition”.
I personally think this to be genuine, and soon after all of my investigate and experimentation, I also agree with Dr. Nieper’s statement that the discovery of the Tachyon field will lead to a revolution in know-how, medication and culture. The age of prognosis and healing with power has arrived.