Supplements – Should I Take Them?

If you pick a fitness magazine today you will see it loaded with ads on various supplements that will transform your body into a super fit muscular machine. Well, you have to be careful. There is no magic bullet. Most of the products you see in those magazines will not do anything for you and could be dangerous. They will make wild claims to try to convince you to buy their product and they are usually quite expensive. I will give you some facts here to help you get through the clutter.

  1. Through a proper diet, you will get all the nutrients your body needs to become a fit, muscular and healthy person.
  2. Essential amino acids are vital to muscle growth and repair and need to be derived from your diet. Your body will require 5. To 1 gram of complete proteins (proteins that contain all the essential amino acids) per pound of body weight, depending on the intensity of your workouts.
  3. There are 20 standard amino acids. Loading up on a single amino acid, such as arginine or lysine, as some suggest suggest, could inhibit the assimilation of other amino acids and have a negative affect.
  4. If you ingest more of a supplement than your body needs, your body will either eliminate it or raise the amount of the supplement, in your system, to toxic levels. So more is not better. If fact, taking excessive amounts of supplements can cause kidney and liver stress.

The following supplements, taken in the proper amounts, have proven to be effective.

  • One a Day Vitamin This is advisable if you do not get all the nutrients you need from your diet.
  • Complete Protein Supplement -If you do not get enough complete proteins in your diet, protein supplements can help.
  • Creatine Significant evidence has suggested that creatine will improve your ability to perform short bursts of high intensity training. With the right high intensity workout, creatine supplementation will accelerate strength and muscularity. If there is a magic bullet, this is it.

When considering supplements, be careful of the big claims and concern yourself with the potential harmful effects. Do your research, “Google it.” You would be amazed at what you find out.