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How Can Aerobics Help You Lose Weight

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One of the most popular means of losing weight ever since is aerobic exercises because of its long term benefits when it comes to overall health. Although many people are living testaments to the wonders of weight loss by dieting and cutting down on important nutrients, not all of these offer certain and desirable results like aerobic exercises can.

If you are one of those who are contemplating over losing weight, then now is the time to stop entertaining the thoughts on weight loss programs or diets. It is now time to conduct a little research first on aerobic exercises to help you understand how aerobics help you lose weight and achieve can long term health benefits.

Aerobics basics

Aerobics refer to doing an activity such as a physical exercise for a longer period of time but with lesser force and effort on the part of the one who is doing it. Simply put, aerobics exercises are those that allow a person to do multi-tasking such as carrying out a conversation while doing the exercise or engaging in simple yet productive activities.

The most common forms of aerobic exercises might include simple walking, jogging, swimming and even cross country skiing. To those who cannot carry on these simple exercises religiously on their own, they can try attending aerobic classes nearby where there is an instructor to lead them.

Experts say that before you engage in any activity such as aerobic exercises please make sure that you have reviewed its requirements well. Avoid choosing activities that would not suit your health and lifestyle conditions.

Also, make sure that you have visited a registered or licensed physician first before trying on aerobic exercises and before using any weight loss product that you think might complement your activity such as food supplements, herbs, or over-the-counter medications.

What can be done?

To ensure that aerobic exercises will work for you, take time off to read and understand various issues surrounding it. You can check the Internet where there are thousands of sites that will lead you into any information you want on aerobic exercise or ask a person who you know that did this before so you can ask for first hand tips and suggestions.  It will also help if you:

– record your eating habits and patterns by keeping a food journal. Updating and monitoring your food and eating patterns will help you track down the reasons behind your weight gain. Asking for professional help from a registered dietitian will make the monitoring more valid.

– indulge and give in if you are craving for a specific food or dish since being not overly-restrictive with food or favorite treats can be awarding experience. By giving into these cravings you can totally avoid eating foods that are high in calories and fats.

– engage yourself in only one daily exercise such as walking—which is the easiest form of aerobic exercise—since it is recommended by most authorities to help you lose weight while keeping your … Read More

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Dieting for a Healthy Life

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Millions of people everyday decide it is time to diet. Whether it is due to health reasons or just because they want to look better, they decide that it is time to make the lifestyle changes necessary to diet successfully. You may be able to lose weight without making lifestyle however it will be impossible to sustain it.

Many people are hesitant to start dieting for weight loss because they believe that dieting for a healthy life will make them hungry all of the time. There are ways that you can feel less hungry and still diet. One way is to increase your fiber intake throughout the day. When your fiber intake is increased, it can assist your body in feeling full. There are many foods that are high in fiber, such as beans, pears, whole grains and apples. By using the fruit as a snack throughout the day, you are increasing your fiber and satisfying the snack cravings associated with dieting. It is recommended that you take the necessary precautions against the side affects that eating too much fiber can cause.

Water is a very important part of life. It is even more important when you are dieting. Drinking plenty of water not only makes you feel less hungry, it also regulates your metabolism, it keeps you hydrated, and it gives you the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Water also helps to flush out the toxins from your body that can slow down the weight loss process. There seems to be endless benefits to drinking water when you’re dieting for weight loss.

In today’s world, everything is big, cars, clothes, and food portions. Fast food places push their super sized menu items, and this contributes to the three quarters of the world being overweight to some degree. In restaurants around the country, it is not a complete meal unless you have at least three courses, and then dessert. In some instances, the portions are huge.

When you learn how to control the portions that you eat, you will be able to control what you consume. This will lead to weight loss.

The type of foods that you eat will also determine if you will lose weight. If you eat a lot of food that is high in fat, carbohydrates, and calories you are less likely to lose the weight that you want, and you could be opening the door for serious health issues. Making healthy menu choices will ensure that you will loose weight and stay healthy.

Incorporating an exercise routine as one of your lifestyle changes can further assist you in your weight loss goals. It does not have to be anything strenuous; a simple evening walk will help to speed up your metabolism. If you have children, involve them in the evening walk to instill good habits early.

Dieting for a healthy life by losing weight does not mean that you have to give up all the things in life that you love. It … Read More

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Can Sleep Help You Lose Weight

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There are several explanations for why sleep problems causes weight gain.  Two key players are the hormones leptin and ghrelin.  Leptin suppresses appetite while ghrelin does just the opposite – it stimulates it. In just a few weeks of not sleeping well, your leptin levels can decrease by as much as 15%. Instead of registering that you are no longer hungry, your brain receives the message, ‘Hey! I am hungry. I need to eat.’  Uh oh! A few years ago there was great hope in the obese community that leptin would be the magic weight loss solution everyone was looking for – but this proved not to be the case. Obese patients typically suffer from a condition called leptin resistance where despite having high leptin levels, which should help them lose weight, they no longer respond to the hormone effectively. To regain leptin sensitivity, patients first need to decrease body fat. Dr. Avi Ishaaya, a leading sleep disorder specialist in California and former Director of the Medical Weight Loss Clinic at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles, recommends that all his obese and overweight patients get a sleep test done as soon as possible.   “Once treated, you will be able to lose weight.   Getting a good night’s rest contributes to proper hormone function as well as providing energy for exercise – both of which are essential for effective weight loss. Patients need to recognize the importance of sleeping well for long term weight control, as well as for overall good health.” Many people unknowingly suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep apnea, the most common sleep disorder, affects over 20 million Americans, yet the majority remain undiagnosed. A person who suffers from sleep apnea typically stops breathing for periods of 10 to 60 seconds, possibly hundreds of times throughout the night, resulting in a very poor quality of sleep.

The Aviisha Medical Wellness Institute in California is known for recognizing the integral relationship between sleep disorders and obesity.  Aviisha uses home sleep tests or an overnight session in a sleep lab to diagnose and treat patients with sleep disorders, while at the same time creating a customized Medical Weight Loss plan that puts each patient on the road to optimal health and wellness.   The result?  Effective, long term weight control with improved health and a better quality of life.… Read More

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Long Term Benefits of Physical Fitness

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Regular physical activity offers numerous benefits to your overall health. Physical fitness plays a major role in the proper function of your body and your mind. When you exercise on a regular basis, you feel energized, alert, and fit. Here are a few of the benefits you will be reaping by incorporating fitness into your daily schedule.

The first benefit of physical fitness is warding off disease. Physical activity has been known to slow down or prevent numerous diseases, such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease. On top of its disease fighting abilities, a regular fitness regimen can help you slow down the aging process. When you exercise, your joints and your muscles become stronger and more flexible, which reduces your chances of developing numerous age related ailments.

 The second benefit of physical activity is stress reduction. Fitness is a great distraction from our every day troubles and it gives us a chance to rid our bodies of excess energy which might otherwise increase stress levels. The third benefit of regular physical activity is weight maintenance. Exercise has always been a major factor for those who wish to lose weight.  Even a person who is taking the best diet pills and consuming the healthiest diet can benefit from physical fitness. Some people swear by the results they get from regular physical activity along with the all natural appetite suppressant known as hoodia.  Aside from aiding with weight loss, regular exercise also boosts your brain power. By increasing your energy levels you increase the serotonin in your brain, this in return leads to improved mental clarity. So the next time you find yourself doubting what physical fitness can do for you, read over this article and imagine all of the health benefits you could be gaining right now. … Read More

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Aerobics Cardio

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Aerobics (long, steady state sub-maximal cardio) aren’t much good for many health or fat loss related benefits. I’ve already done a post on why aerobics suck for fat loss. And then I went over the health benefits of interval training versus steady-state aerobics in my interval training for fat loss article

Cardio is used in reference to exercises and/or equipment intended for cardiovascular fitness and endurance training (aerobic exercise). “To do cardio” is a common term which means to engage in Running or other endurance training for a set period of time. Having Cardio equipment at home is a great way to be sure to get it in.

The exercises are also very much important to the men. These exercises will help develop the flexibility that will aid in reducing the chances of injuries to the body. These exercises also help in the continuous development of the body. The exercises work to increase the activity level and the oxygen supply to the various parts of the body.

It is important that we work out the cardio system. This is because the cardio system is the core of the body. With a weak cardio system there are not many exercises that we can perform. A weak cardio system also makes a person prone to many heart problems and diseases.

Again, that’s why you see these overweight aerobics instructors that can probably do well in a triathlon (because of excellent endurance), but don’t lose any fat weight.

Aerobics is also known as cardiovascular exercises and it improves oxygen intake and works major muscle groups like the lungs and heart. Aerobics speeds up your metabolism and this leads to fat burning and weight loss, by keeping your heart rate up for an extended period of time. Most instructors suggest 30 minutes of exercise to get the heart rate up to with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.

Because you would look forward to doing it and won’t likely miss (or “play truant”) and would likely stay put in it long, to achieve your goal- either to lose weight or to maintain good health.

Cardio and aerobic exercises are helpful to strengthen the respiratory muscles and it results in smoother and unlabored breathing. These exercises are good for strengthening the cardiovascular muscles and it also improves the hearts pumping efficiency. It tones the muscles of all parts of body that results in improved blood circulation and reduced blood pressure.

Most people perform cardio training to burn excess calories. With obesity as one of the leading health problems in the Western world today, people are seriously considering doing cardio workouts since they burn much more fats and carbohydrates in so little span of time. But it must be noted that the amount of calories burned during cardio training will always be dependent on the body weight of the exerciser, the intensity of his workouts and the type of activity he does.

If you were looking to change up your aerobic routine, … Read More

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Newport Beach Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Brian Quebbemann Appointed Director of Inpatient Bariatric Services at Tri-City Regional Medical Center

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NEWPORT BEACH – One of the country’s leading weight loss physicians and surgeons, Dr. Brian Quebbemann of Newport Beach, has been named Medical Director of Inpatient Bariatric Services at Tri-City Regional Medical Center in Los Angeles County, a leading Center of Excellence for weight loss surgery.

Dr. Quebbemann, who serves as Medical Director and founder of The N.E.W. Program weight loss program in Newport Beach, CA, will oversee activities regarding the hospital’s comprehensive inpatient bariatric unit, including surgical programs for patients with morbid obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

He will work hand in hand with Dr. Mal Fobi, Medical Director of Tri-City’s Bariatric Program.  Dr. Fobi is considered one of the nation’s leading pioneers in bariatric surgery, having developed the Fobi Pouch bariatric surgery procedure. Dr. Fobi has performed surgery on thousands of obese patients, including many celebrities such as Randy Jackson, Roseanne Barr and Etta James.  Dr. Quebbemann will join a distinguished group of physicians at Tri-City Regional, with over 12 weight loss surgeons on the hospital’s medical staff.

“Dr. Quebbemann’s world class qualifications will be a tremendous asset to the hundreds of patients we serve each year for bariatric surgery and medical care,” said Arthur Gerrick, CEO of Tri-City Regional Medical Center.  “He is one of the industry’s leading researchers on new technology and surgical methods to improve the lives of those who struggle with severe obesity. We are thrilled to have his clinical acumen as a welcome addition to our fine medical staff. “

Dr. Quebbemann’s involvement in clinical research has helped pave the way for new surgical techniques for thousands of patients. He was an investigator in clinical trials for Allergan’s LAP-BAND ®.  Currently, he is engaged in clinical research for several other investigational devices and surgical techniques, including the Spider, a new surgical instrument that uses a single incision in the belly button as access for performing bariatric surgery. He also serves as a clinical investigator for a new non-surgical dual balloon space displacement weight loss device that is currently being reviewed by the FDA.

“Thanks to the pioneering work of physicians like Dr. Mal Fobi, Tri-City Regional is highly regarded as a Center of Excellence in weight loss surgery;  I am excited about joining their crusade to assist patients to regain their lives through weight loss,” Dr. Quebbeman said.  “As an accredited Center of Excellence, the hospital is committed to ensuring the highest quality of care for its patients, a promise that I also share.”

Tri-City Regional is accredited as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as well as a Center of Distinction in Bariatric Surgery by Anthem Blue Cross.  The hospital is one of the largest and most experienced surgical weight loss programs in southern California. Its surgeons have helped more than 20,000 patients achieve increased wellness through weight loss surgery.

Dr. Quebbemann is performing a wide range of surgical weight loss procedures at Tri-City Regional Medical Center, including the LAP-BAND ®, laparoscopic … Read More

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O Band Surgery Centers Show the Way in Lap Band Surgery

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OBand Surgery Centers in America are a conglomeration of bariatric outpatient surgical facilities that are owned and operated by nationally recognized lap band surgeons. Members of these centers include board certified surgeons who are the best in the business of state of the art adjustable and reversible gastric banding procedures, having performed thousands of such surgeries.

Obesity has assumed pandemic proportions in the Unites States, with a host of other complications associated with it, sometimes leading to untimely fatalities and more often than not an immense amount of loss to the national economy in terms of man-days wasted. The good news is that there are fast and effective ways to tackle this problem. While some people depend on the exercises and diet, some people opt for surgical procedures. Earlier surgery was considered to be dangerous, but now with the advent of modern technology, it is a safe bet. One such procedure is the lap band procedure.

The lap band procedure is a minimally invasive procedure which involves the placement of a laparoscopic device across the stomach. By means of this device the intake and ingress of food is curtailed and one feels an early fullness of stomach. By means of this implant one is able to lose weight quite effectively, as one’s eating gets regulated.

In view of the fact that by following this procedure one is actually losing weight the right way, and not resorting to drastic food cuts leading to malnutrition or use of invasive procedures, it has increasingly become a popular weight loss option.

Lap Band Surgery Los Angeles (LA): It is easy to find an oBand Surgery Center in Los Angeles. The popularity of oBand surgery in LA derives from the fact that it is perceived to be a healthy and in a sensible way of reducing weight and it is something that appeals to the denizens of LA.

Given the penchant of LA residents for eating out this may be a good way of keeping healthy! Lap band surgery is most certainly viewed seriously by people in LA and is not viewed as an unhealthy fad because there are highly qualified surgeons who carry out the procedure.

Lap Band Surgery – Sherman Oaks: Like other places in California, Lap band surgery in Sherman Oaks is becoming more and more popular with quite a few people preferring this minimally invasive surgical food intake reducing method to the many other ways of weight reduction, which are perceived harmful in comparison.

Sherman Oaks people are quite particular about only selecting procedure that are actually beneficial for them in matters relating to health, and the fact that oBand Surgical Centers have many success stories in Sherman Oaks to recommend them makes the treatment find favor with them.

More and more people throughout the United States are turning to oBand Surgery Centers to help overcome their weight and obesity concerns.… Read More

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5 Reasons Raw Foods Are Critical To Men's Fitness

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5 Reasons Raw Foods Are Critical To Men’s Fitness


I am writing today about a long overlooked subject in fitness routines. It is the differences and benefits of raw foods over cooked foods. Some foods have to be cooked like meats, eggs, etc. We are talking about fruits and vegetables, mainly, when we talk about raw food. The fitness system I use covers nutrition quite extensively as part of it’s mens fitness 4 life routines.

Below are some reasons that raw foods are very critical to the success of any workout routines, bodybuilding, or just general overall fitness.

1. Raw foods take one quarter of the time to digest. This means that there is less energy burned on digestion that is in turn funneled to other areas such as muscle growth, workout recovery, muscle healing, fat burning, etc. This may sound a bit petty and ridiculous but over 3 meals a day and beyond, this is quite a bit of energy wasted trying to digest cooked foods.

2.Uncooked foods keep more than double the nutrients over cooked foods. This is highly beneficial to your muscle growth, your fat burning furnace, and just your overall fitness. More than double the vitamins and nutrients is a whopping sum. Think about it. By not wasting time cooking or steaming your vegetables or fruits, you gain so much more nutritional benefits.

3. Cooked food takes way longer to prepare and digest, have lost a lot of vitamins and nutrients, has the potential to produce some diseases,depending how it is cooked, weakening you, and can potentially shorten your life anyway according to some studies. Shorten your life? Wow! Didn’t know that!

4. Cooked and microwaved food over long periods can clog your colon. Raw foods will never clog your colon.A clogged colon is truly a bad thing. It can cause colon cancer(the leading cancer killer), it can cause heart disease,and even diabetes. Some doctors believe that the human body was never meant to have cooked foods at all. The book The Raw Food Diet goes as far as to say that “cooked food is poison”. The total fitness system I use doesn’t go quite that far but it does propose healthy amounts of uncooked foods.

5. Consuming a diet of fresh uncooked vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and other uncooked foods will lead to increased energy,  better muscle tone and fitness,look younger,consistent weight loss and good weight levels, and very few trips to doctors, which is a big plus. Your digestion also is very good. It decreases your chances of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. I was never aware until Ideal Fitness System that cooked food was so bad for you.

Raw foods, again, consists of most any vegetable and any fruit, nuts and seeds, sprouts, etc. The mens fitness 4 life website wants to make sure you understand that some foods should never be consumed raw. Most meats and eggs should never be consumed raw at all. I was also amazed that cooked foods were … Read More

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How Effective Are Ellipticals?

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There is no doubt that exercise is good for everyone. There is simply no other way to stay lean and create the body you have always wanted. The type of exercise you perform will depend on your physical condition, stamina, and health related needs.

While walking on a treadmill can be beneficial for many people, ellipticals are more effective in creating the walking experience without the impact on the joints. Knees, hips and ankles receive less pressure from ellipticals than when walking on the street or when using a treadmill, providing the exercise needed without the potential for joint damage. Ellipticals are effective for weight loss programs as well as for cardio workouts.

Proper Posture Is Necessary For Using Ellipticals

When working out on ellipticals it is important to maintain a proper posture. You should use the handles, that move the arms along with the legs, to help you remain upright to maintain a straight alignment of the spine. With the moving bars to hold onto, ellipticals are effective at improving upper body mobility.

Standing on the equipment, ellipticals are effective at keeping the back straight throughout the entire program will further prevent joint pain, making them a popular choice among older persons looking to improve their cardiac health. Some plans recommend placing a flat object on the head, such as a book and holding it there while walking to help maintain the proper posture.

Ellipticals Are Effective Only When They Are Used

Through regular use, ellipticals are effective for weight loss, building lower body strength and in providing a cardio-vascular workout for overall general health. Ellipticals can also be used while wearing a weight vest. This will provide more resistance and a tougher workout for your muscles. But the key phrase here is, “through regular use.”

When most people buy gym memberships or home gym equipment they never use them. You need to realize that it takes a lot of hard work to stay fit. To benefit from an elliptical machine you need to be using it at least five days a week for thirty minutes to an hour each session.

Also don’t disregard your diet. Health and fitness are two different things and it is important to realize that in order to fully benefit from using an elliptical machine you need to do it conjunction with a healthy diet that includes mostly organic fruits and vegetables. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!… Read More

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The Benefits of Vibration Training

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Probably the most talked about form of exercise of late is vibration training; the training system that can accelerate weight loss and body toning by burning 174 calories in 5 minutes. But there is far more to this celebrity-endorsed fitness programme than that.

Increased Muscle Stimulation

Muscles will generally contract once or twice every second, but on a vibration plate this can increase to 30-50 contractions per second. Oscillating or pivotal vibration plate training stimulates muscles to contract alternately which helps to develop balance, coordination and even-form when standing, walking, and exercising or even swinging a golf club.

Any form of vibration plate training will stimulate circulation and induce involuntary muscle contractions. Stimulated circulation will improve lymphatic flow, decrease blood pressure, increase blood oxygenation and boost energy levels. Users also stand a good chance of combating cellulite.

Conventional exercise engages around 40% of muscle fibres; involuntary muscle contractions engage approximately 97% of muscle fibres, thus raising the ceiling on fitness potential.

Beating Back and Joint Pain

The rhythmic movement of the vibration gently mobilises the pelvis, activating and developing core pelvic and torso muscles. The snake-like movement of the vibro plates repeats throughout your spinal vertebrae, thus mobilising your spine and clearing stagnant fluids, reducing inflammation and allowing in the influx of fresh oxygenated blood to enter. Within just a few minutes you could alleviate back and joint pain and over time increase flexibility and range of motion, which will lead to improved mobility and the ability to exercise more effectively.

Immune System and Hormone Stimulation

Exercise stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone which promotes the development, repair and regeneration of bones; increases muscle mass; boosts the immune system and promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Exercising at such an accelerated rate will have a positive and boosting effect on all of these processes, as well as improving the emission of hormones including testosterone, serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and IGF-1, whilst at the same time reducing Cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Providing you choose a vibration plate machine with a finely adjustable repetition rate, you will enjoy a vast array of benefits including: 

  • Faster calorie burning
  • Accelerated body toning
  • Flexibility and suppleness
  • Improvement of balance and continence
  • Weight loss
  • An increase in muscle strength
  • Development of core muscles
  • A reduction in back & joint pain
  • Increased bone density
  • Enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Fewer varicose veins
  • Better fat combustion
  • Improved skin quality
  • Raised metabolism, improved digestion and colonic movement

Vibration plate training will combine all of the above benefits to improve your general health. Try it at a gym or health centre and you will start to feel the difference in a very short space of time and within just a few weeks people will be commenting on the positive changes they see in you.… Read More