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Some Examples of Aerobic Activities

Aerobic exercises are very useful for your cardiovascular system, maintaining your weight, keeping you fit and these are the prime advantages. Relating to aerobic exercise examples it is very essential to know that for adults exercise means working in the gym but for children exercise means playing, dancing and being physically active.

Doing aerobic exercises is a great fun for everyone let them be children or adults. Some examples of aerobic activities involves:

· Jogging

· Swimming

· Brisk walking

· Bicycling

· Running

· Ice-skating

· Aerobic dancing

· Rowing

· Walking

And many others are there. From all these walking is considered to be the best aerobic exercise because it is easy, cheap and safe. While walking you don’t require any other equipment except good shoes.

Choosing an exercise:

The best exercise for a person is the one he really enjoys doing. Alternating the new activities with the … Read More

Resistance Training Vs Weight Training

Reading the title, you may think… well isn’t resistance training and weight training the same exact thing? Well… in some respects, yes. They both involve lifting weights, but one of them is better for fat loss then the other one.

Which one is it?

Go ahead… guess…

If you guessed weight lifting, you guessed RIGHT!

Weight training is all about lifting the most heaviest weight possible. Resistance training is not about lifting heavy, but instead about building muscle, even at the expense of weight. Hence, you will not be asked to lift super heavy weights when performing resistance training. The weight must be challenging, but not heavy to the point of risking a hernia.

You may be wondering… why do we need a distinction? Isn’t lifting weights just lifting weights? Nope. There are many different uses and benefits of lifting weights. Some people lift for strength. Others lift for size. … Read More