The Best Places to Advertise My Personal Training Services

There were plenty of best places to advertise my personal training services in the beginning and as a result, this is why it is such a profitable and successful business today. From advertising through to media and to self promotion, choosing the best place to advertise my personal training service depended on many things. Before advertising, I considered the budget, location, and the availability of the potential clients.

Budget is the most considerable issue. The advertising rates alone are very high for most spaces whether media or print. Even advertising online can cost a pretty penny. However if you have enough money then you should go for popular sites like,, etc. If you have a very low budget however, you should target websites that are at peak at the moment like YouTube, WordPress, Squidoo, Zorpia and other social networking sites because thousands of users visit it daily.

You can also post service related blogs for increased traffic, and you won’t pay a dime. Many people view this type of platform meaning it is highly beneficial to you.

Advertising on might cost more but in the long run it is well worth it. The best search engine, Google is a great advertising place. You will be able to reach thousands of people and you will even be able to triple the return on what you have paid to get the word out.

Another great idea when it comes to advertising a personal training service is to have ones own website so that you can link it to some popular networking sites for better exposure. Approaching my local news paper and magazines company also helped me effectively advertise. Lots of people read magazines and many will have a look at the classified section where your advert should be. You could even advertise in some local newsletters that send their copies to bars and other popular hangout spots or business premises.

If budget is definitely not a problem then you should place your advertisement on a local Television station. Whoever watches it will remember it better as it will catch their attention every time your advertisement plays. Some people are lazy to read so they prefer watching TV. However, remember to make your ad as impressive as possible as you only have a few seconds to get the message across.

Another thing is to consider location. When people find your location is closest to them they are bound to consider your place first, rather than looking to similar services further away.

The aim of advertising is to keep people wanting your service. Running your business efficiently is also a form of advertising. The place where you provide your service forms a great part of the promotion so does the quality of your service. Therefore the best place to advertise your personal training service is also where you provide your service. When you offer an awesome service people start talking about it and so, marketing by spread of word is achieved.