The First Visit With An Orthodontist

When you visit an orthodontist, it’s usually so that you can get some kind of

When you visit an orthodontist, it’s usually so that you can get some kind of treatment to correct overcrowding or other issues that result in teeth that aren’t aligned properly. Before deciding on an office to visit, consider looking into the price of the treatment options available as well as the comfort that you feel while you’re at the office. After deciding on a provider, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you know what to expect during your first visit.

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Soon after arriving at the office, you’ll meet with one of the staff members who can talk to you about the symptoms that you have and why you feel that orthodontic treatment would be the best option. One thing to keep in mind about any orthodontists fresno ca offices offer is that they understand about the anxiety you might have about braces and other methods of straightening your teeth. You should express any concerns that you have at your first appointment so that the proper steps can be taken to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of wearing braces. Aside from talking about the reason for your visit, you’ll also complete paperwork pertaining to your insurance coverage and your medical history.

You’ll have X-rays taken of your mouth to determine exactly what is taking place with the structure of your teeth. This can give the orthodontist a better idea as to the kind of treatment to use and how long the treatment could last. A mold of your mouth will usually be taken as well. This will then be used to help determine where to get started with treatment and the placement of any appliances that will be in the mouth. More molds and X-rays could be taken throughout the process of your orthodontic treatment in order to determine how well your teeth are aligning.

Your orthodontist will discuss the options available and what would be the best one for your mouth as well as some of the negative impacts that treatments could deliver. You’ll also talk about the payment options that are available and how long you might have to wear braces or use other types of orthodontic treatment.

Once all of the details are in place, then you’ll usually go back for another appointment so that braces can be placed or so that invisible aligners can be given that can straighten your teeth. When everything is in place, the staff will discuss the care that you need to take so that brackets aren’t broken or so that the aligners aren’t damaged. It’s important to follow the directions given about foods that you should avoid eating as well as how to brush your teeth. You’ll usually go back to the office once a month or every other month so that the orthodontist or one of the hygienist can examine your teeth to make sure they are responding well to the treatment that is being provided so that you only have to receive treatment for a short time.