The Life Fitness X5 is the Heavy Weight Among Elliptical Machines

The heavy weight of elliptical machines is the Life Fitness x5, and its weight is 204 pounds all by itself. The other reason why it's so powerful is it has 10 workout programs and 16 resistance levels. The Life Fitness x5 elliptical will let you change your stride so you can go from 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches, making it more versatile and easier for anyone to use.

The nice thing about this cross trainer is that it can be in your home and you will not have to return to the gym. It's a cross trainer proven to compete with gym quality machines. Most people say they can not tell any difference between the two.

There are several different training selections, as it's possible to choose between Manuel mode, Random mode, Cardio mode, and others depending on your desirability. When you're on the Life Fitness x5, it will be quiet and smooth, and there will be 16 different resistance levels to decide upon – whatever your objective is or focus.

You'll be able to find this machine for about $ 3,300 for a basic model, and it will go up to $ 3,800 for the best model. A person will also find this cross trainer to be durable and sturdy, allowing you to use it for many years. It can manage someone who weighs up to 350 pounds, which this will be tough to find in a person.

The Life Fitness x5 has a sleek design, allowing it to look nice where you want it put in a room. You'll find it worth every penny, and it will be hard to be disappointed with your workout possibilities or the machine itself. This trainer can hold her own in the ring, being a heavy weight that's going to last a lifetime.