This year I resolve to be the same

This year I resolve to be the same

A lot of people like to make new years resolutions. Historically I’ve been one of them. They typically make them when their life isn’t what they expect it to be, or they’re sad, or single, or fat or in some way just not satisfied with their life. And sure I could stand to drop 20lbs. I’d love to read more. I’d love to fling less pennies at bad drivers on the freeway and not harass as many blogs/websites who steal my photos and complain about it. Donate more to charity. Help others in need. There’s a whole list of things I could do, but probably won’t. I’ve had a gym membership for 4 years and only used it twice. I’ve wasted several hours on the couch watching Storage Wars and Honey Boo Boo. I’ve driven right past the salad bar place near work and ended up at KFC.

What it comes down to is happiness, and everyone has their own formula for it

My wife loves me. Same with my son
My boss thinks I do a good job
My clients have good things to say
Mostly healthy and the house is clean

Don’t change what isn’t broken.
I do resolve however to get my blog up and running this year. I realize I’m a pretty sucky blogger.

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