Top Selling Women’s Magazines in Australia

Although there is really no standard definition, a women’s magazine is generally seen as one that deals with issues that are important to women. While they may not be the only subscribers of these periodicals, women undoubtedly account for the bulk of the readership.

What are some common themes? Well, many of them are similar to men’s magazines, except, of course, for women. They focus on family life, careers, fitness and health. Then, of course, there are specialty magazines that concern themselves with issues that are obviously effeminate. For example, there are many publications that focus on weddings, dresses, fashion and style.

Though they are popular all over the world, in this article we are going to take a look at some of the most successful women’s magazines in Australia.

Queensland Brides Magazine has been one of Australia’s most trusted bridal periodicals for over twenty years now. In each issue, brides to be will find helpful hints and expert advice on how to plan the wedding of their dreams. Popular features include reports on all the latest fashions and trends in the designer bridal gown market. Readers will learn everything they need to know to take them from their bridal shower to their honeymoon.

In Style Magazine is one of the most popular style and fashion magazines down under. In each issue top fashion writers and experienced professions examine all of the latest trends in celebrity couture. The magazine also features exclusive interviews with both local and international celebrities. The focus of these interviews is often on fashion, health, and beauty.

Though it might sound a bit overly specific, Modern Wedding Cakes Magazine focuses on one of the most important and expensive items in the wedding, the cake. Each issue offers readers advice that will help them select the best contemporary wedding cake at a price that won’t give them sticker shock.

Girlfriend Magazine caters to younger women, mostly in their early twenties and late teens. The magazine provides readers with expert advice on fashion, beauty, boys/men and to a lesser extent, careers. It is filed to the brim with celebrity gossip, interviews and real girl stories. All in all, Girlfriend is a funny, light and informative magazine that can be found on newsstands all over in Australia.

Women’s Health Magazine is a new magazine that offers Aussie women advice on how to be healthy, active, happy and fit. Each issue includes sections on health, diet and fitness, as well as love and relationships. There are also special features and interviews with successful women all over the world. So, just because the word “Health” is in the tile, does not mean the magazine focuses exclusively on health and fitness. It seems to us that the word health does not just pertain to the body, but rather is used holistically to apply to the overall health of an individual. That means not only having a healthy body, but also having health relationships and recreational pursuits.

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine is a pure fitness magazine that provides readers with training and exercise tips from experienced professionals. It is currently the number one health and fitness magazine for women in Australia.