Water Aerobics, The Perfect Exercise

Water aerobics, also knows as aqua aerobics is a safe and effective way to stay in shape. This form of fitness training is great for nearly everyone. Water Aerobics appeals to a wide range of people and regardless of your fitness there is a water exercise class or routine that fits your needs.

It is recommended to do water aerobics for many reasons. Water exercises can help you to lose weight, prevent weight gain, build lean muscle, lower blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

The typical water aerobics class runs from 45 minutes to an hour in chest deep water. In each class, there is a warm up period where you stretch and loosen up your muscles. The bulk of the class is spent on performing various movements or dances that work the arms, legs and core. The class ends with a cool down period. In this time, you can really burn some calories. It is estimated that the typical session burns between 450-700 calories.

For those that are just starting an exercise program, water aerobics are a perfect start. Doing the exercises in the water strengthens every major muscle group as well as improving your cardiovascular health.

Even the athlete benefits from water exercises. In the water, your lungs and heart work harder then they do standing on the ground. The resistance of the water also complements the other training that a top athlete performs.

Aqua aerobics is great for those who are overweight. Exercises in the water are easier on the joints as the body is more buoyant. This puts less stress on the joints and greatly reduces the chance of injury. For the overweight person trying to get into shape, the cardiovascular aerobic activity is both great for burning fat, but also for strengthening the lungs and heart. The resistance of the water is effective for gaining lean muscle and burning fat too.

Water aerobics are also very popular for those who are rehabbing from surgery or an injury. In fact, many top athletes rehab in the water doing water jogging which gets the muscles in shape with out the stress of heavy contact on the ground. In the water, you can safely get the whole body in shape and also concentrate exercises on the injured part of the body to help speed up recovery.

Senior citizens and those with brittle bones also love aqua aerobics. The exercises in the water greatly reduce the likelihood of injury and also effective at reducing the damages of osteoporosis. Seniors also love that aqua aerobics classes are a group activity and this is a great way to spend some time with friends or to meet some new ones.

Regardless of your fitness level, age and needs there is some kind of water exercise that is right for you. Don’t you think that it is time that you found a water aerobics class at a pool near you?