Water Versus Sports Drinks – Which is Better For Workouts? – Ask Your Personal Trainer!

Eight Glasses a Day

We've been told all our lives to drink 8 glasses of water per day. We've never told why though. I generally never cared why, because as a kid, I basically drank water whenever I was thirsty. That made sense to me. Still does. Unfortunately, you can not wait until you're actually thirsty to drink water, as that means you're already dehydrated. So what does that have to do with losing weight and why all the controversies over water versus sports drinks?

Sports Drink Science

In the late 1960s, a certain sports drink was invented which contained a logo of an alligator. It did not become popular until the mid 90s – right along with bottled water. It claimed that it contained certain ingredients necessary to replace electrolytes lost during exercise. As the years progressed, due to very strategic marketing practices and the bottled water craze, this particular drink got extremely popular and sales skyrocketed! So now we have this huge war going on – water versus sports drinks.

Marketers for the sports drink conglomerates want us to believe that when we exercise, we need to replace the sodium and water that we lose during exercise. Yes, we do need to replace the water but the sodium and electrolytes? I have a problem with the latter half of this claim, simply because water was and continues to be the original sports drink. During caveman days, that's all man needed – water. And believe me back then man did more exercise than we actually do today! I see all kinds of trendy drinks in the vending machines at the gym – some are fancily bottled and pricey, while others are moderately priced. The same can be said with water. The only advantage sports drinks have over water is taste.

Water Tastes Bland

Although water is good for the body and is nature's sports drink, unfortunately, because the American palette has become irrevocably tainted by sugar, water tastes bland! Americans simply can not drink anything unless it has at least c cup of sugar in it (per pint) or an equal amount of caffeine. We've also been duped into believing that bottled water is cleaner, purer than tap water. As a result, bottled water shot up in price and their rise in popularity became the impetus for the water versus sports drinks war.

A Good Personal Trainer Can Set the Record Straight

Fortunately for us, most personal trainers know the score. They know that these trendy drinks can never replace good old H2O. That's why personal trainers are the best source when it comes to exercise and diet. They have less invested in you purchasing water or sports drinks. Their investment is in you losing weight, becoming fit, lean and toned. In that respect they will help you make the best decisions as far as what course of action you need to take, based on your personal profile.