Weight Loss and Blood Sugar

High blood sugar or glucose levels correlate with being overweight and rapid weight gain. The reason for this being that high blood sugar causes insulin to rise to high levels in your body, which is also a signal to your body to start storing fat. As such weight loss is more difficult when your glucose level is high.

Many of you already realize that chips, cookies, and other types of processed foods can quickly raise these levels. But many foods that are supposedly healthy also play a part. In fact many products labeled low-fat may still have large amounts of sugar included in them, which of course leads to sugar levels rising in your blood. Given this, it is of little wonder that so many people have problems losing weight.

With all this information concerning glucose levels, the question now becomes how do you control it.

How to control your blood sugar

There are several ways you can control your blood sugar, each of which involves being more watchful of what or how you eat.

Include protein with all your meals Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates. Because of this, eating protein with every meal helps to control the rise of blood sugar in your body, even with foods that causes your glucose to rise rapidly. However, this is not a license to eat more of these foods, since they still effect your sugar levels.

Eat foods high in fiber Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate. As such, it will not effect your glucose. By including foods high in fiber, you are better able to modulate the insulin levels in your blood.

When you eat Timing of when you eat is also important in controlling how much glucose enters your blood. When you wait say 5 or 6 hours between meals, you will no doubt start feeling hungry. As such, any meal you eat will cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar levels. To prevent this, wait no longer than 3 hours between meals and snacks.

How much you eat If you want to raise your glucose quickly, eat large meals. The reason for this is that your system will not be able to use all of those calories to immediately energize your body. Then, the rest of the calories will be stored as fat, a process in which blood sugar is involved

In short, to avoid promoting fat storage in your body, become aware of your blood sugar levels. By doing so, you can maximize your weight loss and take better control of how your body functions.