Weight Loss – Using Aerobic Exercises to Lose Weight

Everyday, it seems, we hear of some new truths, which may contradict what we have always accepted about a certain element of health and fitness. This can be related to the amount of minerals or vitamins you should or should not consume, the amount of exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, you should have and so on.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

Some popular examples of aerobic exercise include walking, cycling, aerobic dancing and swimming. The exercises should include leg muscles, hips, and arm muscles along with large volumes of inhalation and exhalation.

Advantages of Aerobic Exercise

There is a whole range of benefits that come from doing aerobic exercises including better blood circulation and respiration. Other benefits are enhanced muscle shape and tone plus a feeling of good overall health. But the most significant benefit of aerobic exercise is its effect on weight loss.

A Common Truth Disproved

Until recently is was generally assumed that if you exercised with medium intensity for prolonged periods of time this would be the most effective means to burn off fat. However, several studies and findings from fitness experts have shown that continuous hours of aerobic exercise such as jogging is not as successful in burning off fat as it was once thought to be. Many people report that even after long periods of jogging they still had excessive fat on their bodies.

Best Fat Burning Method

Instead of these long periods of exercise it was found that high-intensity exercise for shorter periods was not only less time consuming but also it proved more effective for fat loss. The reasoning is that the metabolism is kept at a higher level for a longer period of time, which resulted in more calories burned. Some examples of these high-intensity exercises are weight training and aerobic intervals exercise.

Another great exercise is spinning on a stationary bike. This should be done for a period of not less than 20 minutes along with sprints of 30 to 60 seconds duration. This is an easy routine to do and won’t impact your joints like jogging on a hard surface. If you enjoy running and you aren’t bothered with joint pain you’re better off on a surface such as grass, dirt, or a running track. Try to avoid running on hard surfaces as much as possible to prevent developing joint and spinal injuries.

Aerobic Exercise and Your Heart

In addition to weight loss your cardiovascular system stands to benefit tremendously from your aerobic exercises. Your heart, of course, is a muscle and is capable of working for many decades. Your heart does not have to be trained like other muscles in your body unless you participate in endurance events. It may be necessary to train the heart to withstand severe emotional and physical stress. High intensity exercises will help your heart to endure many challenging situations.