Weight Training – Are Heavy Or Lighter Weights Better?

When many of people think of weight lifting or weight training they think of big muscular men lifting heavy free weights. But this is not the only way to build muscle, in fact this is not the way many average people would feel comfortable lifting weights.

Benefits Of Resistance Training

Resistance training or strength training is an incredibly beneficial type of exercise to add to your routine for a few reasons. It helps you stay in shape by strengthening your muscles and keeping them flexible. This strengthening can help you avoid injury as it helps provide additional support for your joints. Not only that but the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn even during times of rest. Some studies have also shown it can help keep your bones stronger as you age because resistance training exercises can help you slow a decrease in bone density that often happens as we age. In general it will help you look and feel better both now and as you get older.

Building Muscle With Light vs Heavy Weights

You can actually build muscle with either light weights or heavy weights. The key is not necessarily in the size of the weight, which seems to be more important is lifting to the point of fatigue. If you are using lighter weights you will need to do more repetitions (reps) to get the same benefit, however for some people this may be a safer or more comfortable way to go. Strength training that uses a higher number of reps using a lighter weight can help stimulate muscle cells so they build more tissue.

Start Slow And Build Your Way Up

If you are just starting a training training program it is important to start slow, especially if you have not been regularly exercising. Diving in too fast when your body is not ready for it creates a greater risk of injury which can quickly derail your exercise plans. As your body gets stronger you can start increasing the reps and the weight. Talk to your doctor and possibly a trainer about developing the best workout routine for your needs before getting started.