Weight Training – Build Muscle And Change The Shape Of Your Body

There is a difference between losing weight and changing the way your body is shaped. Weight training is by far the best way to actually change the “shape” of your body.

If you want to lose weight and get in better shape you can go for a run a few times a week. You can burn fat by getting on a treadmill a few days each week.

Weight training however, (also known as resistance training), will do more to change the shape of your body than any amount of cardio exercise ever will. It causes you to increase muscle size which will make your shape more attractive and help burn fat faster by increasing your metabolic rate.

Personally speaking, I was shaped like a pear at 46 years old. That’s when I decided to take the challenge and dive into a workout program called the “Body For Life”. It changed my life. It changed the shape of my body and it changed my attitude about fitness forever.

There are many ingredients to the program mentioned above. You are instructed on how to eat right. How much fat intake you should have each day was stressed as was the total calories you should consume.

There was a high-intensity cardio regimen to follow on alternating days of the week. A very helpful diet plan is given and an eating schedule of 5 to 6 smaller meals a day to help increase your metabolism.

Just the things mentioned above would cause just about any weight challenged individual to lose weight and increase cardio health in just a few short weeks.

But the most important part of the program for me was the weight training. I was shaped like a pear. You know what I mean? I had narrow shoulders and wider hips and for a man that is not the ideal look. Resisistance (weight) training is the only thing that could change that for me and it did.

You see if you do nothing but aerobic exercise and diet, your results will not be the best. You will of course lose weight but your shape will not change. A treadmill could not change my shape. Eating less could not change my shape. I was shaped like a pear. If all I had done was aerobic exercise and diet I would have just become a smaller pear-shaped guy than I was before.

With weight training you not only build muscle but it increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat at a higher rate. But the greatest thing about the weights for me was that I was able to make my shoulders wider which made my waist look smaller.

Do you really want to look different and have a more attractive body? The most effective way to do it is through weight training.