Weight Training Exercises For Women

Using weight training exercises for women has become a popular weight loss tool. In addition to the obvious result of leaving women with a more defined look, weight lifting increases muscle efficiency, which in turn results in a higher level of calorie burning. Here are a few simple weight training exercises for women that can be performed almost anywhere:

Dumbbell Press; This is a great chest exercise. All you need are a light set of hand held dumbbells. Simply lie on a flat surface that is raised off the floor, push your elbows outwards and push the weights into the air. Repeat for 10 reps, and then take a minute long break. 30 reps in total is the goal for the beginner.

Dumbbell Squats: A great exercise for the thigh and bun area. Hold your dumbbells at your sides, then while keeping your back straight, lower yourself as if you were going to sit in a chair. This should be repeated for a total of 30 reps, with a minute break between every set of ten for maximum effectiveness.

Dumbbell Sit Ups: This one will target your abs and core. Using just one of your set of weights, and lie down on the floor or a gym mat. Hold the weight with both hands at chest level, then pull up slowly, performing a regular sit up. Move your shoulders straight up; Do not point them toward your knees. Again, 30 reps should be more than sufficient.

These are just a few very simple weight training exercises for women to get you started.