Weight Training Myths

You will often come across some well publicized myths about weight training that have no basis in fact. These myths are perpetuated by people that do not want to put the effort into weight training, or know nothing about it at all.

Many people think that if you weight train for a little while, you will get really big. The truth is that the majority of people who weight train will never get very big at all. To develop large, bulky muscles requires hard training, strict adherence to diet, and hormones. It is very difficult indeed to build your body as large as Arnold Schwarzenegger or other well known body builders. To do so would take many years or hard daily training. You would also need to completely overhaul the way you eat, and massively increase the calories you consume each day. Most people simply do not have the time, will, or ability to put this effort in and achieve similar results. So the truth is that it is very hard to get big from weight training.

Another myth is that if you start weight training, you will have to spend hours in the gym every day. This is simply not true, as you can achieve noticeable, visible results from two or three half hour sessions per week. The trick is to keep doing it and not give up. As little as 90 minutes training per week is enough to improve your health, strength, and physical appearance.

One of the myths that really needs to be exposed is that as we get old, our bodies decline and there is nothing we can do about it. Much of this decline is the result of inactivity. Muscles naturally shrink and become weak if they are not used, so by maintaining a weight training regime throughout our lives, we can stave off the decline of old age and remain active well into our nineties.