Weight Training Steps

Weight training is a process that involves a variety of steps. To be the most successful you can be, it is vital to follow each step and make sure you are doing everything you can to help your body gain weight and build muscle.

The first step is finding a great workout routine. The best training programs are ones that are designed for your specific body type. This will make sure you maximize every minute you spend in the weight room.

In order to choose the perfect training routine, you first need to recognize what body type you have. People that struggle to gain weight and build muscle are called hardgainers. Hardgainers have difficulty bulking up because they often follow a workout routine that does not cater to their body's strengths and weaknesses. Hardgainer's muscles recover slowly and they need extra time for them to heal in between training sessions. Finding a workout program that allows for this added time of rest is extremely important.

Now that you have a great workout, the next step is doing the actual work. An ideal workout for a hardgainer will call for only 3 to 4 hours weight training each week. These sessions should not last longer than one hour. This will allow for serious muscle growth while giving the muscles ample time to rest and recover in between lifts.

The final step is to make sure you are using proper technique when you are working out. When you get to the gym, do not immediately start lifting heavy weights. This is a great way to strain your muscles and injure yourself. The first few minutes should be a mixture of stretching and lifting lighter weights to warm up.

Your technique when you are lifting is extremely important. If you use incorrect form, you can injure yourself and not get the most out of each exercise. Each exercise should be done with a wide base so you can have the best balance. Keeping your back straight is critical. If you hunch over when you are lifting, you can injure yourself and these types of injuries can last a lifetime.