What is Dumbbell Weight Training?

Dumbbell weight training is a form of strength training that uses free weights that are often combined in pairs of equal weight. Each of these weights, individually known as a dumbbell, is designed to be gripped in a single hand. They are most often used for development of upper body strength, muscle mass, and muscle tone. Dumbbells come in different sizes and weights to suit different levels of strength, so they are ideal for both novice exercisers and experts. They are fairly inexpensive and take up little space, which makes them a great value as exercise equipment.

It is believed that dumbbells took their name from an old practice which originated in the United Kingdom as a form of exercise. Men would remove the clappers from hand-held church bells and mimic ringing them in order to exercise their arms and upper back. By removing the clappers and rendering the bells "dumb," the men could exercise without disturbing the neighbors.

Nowadays, dumbbells can be found in most training training programs. Their versatility allows users to target individual and specific muscle groups which other exercises can not easily develop. This includes toning small stabilizing muscles which control the range of movement in the arm and support the biceps, triceps, and other muscles. Because dumbbells are individual, they also allow training to continue the user become injured or unable to use one arm.

A significant advantage that dumbbells have over larger resistance machines is that the dumbbells do not follow a pre-determined movement pattern. The user can exercise with dumbbells around their body as their need requires. This means that all movements can be performed according to the user's body and dimensions instead of restricting the user to the limited level of control or range usually offered by resistance machines.

Dumbbell training is an integral part of any strength-based exercise routine and is cheap enough for most people to be able to practice at home. By starting small and exercising regularly, users can expect to see gains in strength fairly quickly.