What is the Cost of the Jenny Craig Diet?

Do you feel like your clothes are starting to feel tight again? Trying on that old bathing suit and finding it to be tight? It's probably that time. But do not worry; it happens to all of us. It's time to begin dieting again. You probably had previous failures trying a diet, but this time it certainly will be different. You have likely seen those commercials of the Jenny Craig Diet, and how it helps women to shed weight. Signing up for this weight loss program has many advantageous to you. You will receive live instruction from qualified instructors who have much experience helping women lose weight and eat better. You will likely become part of a weight loss team, where you will receive encouragement from others and you in return will provide the same. Unfortunately, this is a commercial program and there are costs associated with it. There are costs for both the membership fee, and the food that you will consume while on the diet. You need to be aware of these costs.

The Fees

This is probably the cost that you are most aware of. There is a monthly fee for the Jenny Craig Diet. The fee depends on what Jenny Craig club you are planning on attending. Make sure to check for promotional offers which will help you save money. You may have to make payments based on a membership contract. Please make sure you are aware of them.

The Meals

A big part of the diet program, besides the exercise program, is the weight loss meals you will be consuming as part of the diet. These meals come pre-packaged, without vegetables, and are usually low in calories and will help you control your appetite. The costs of meals are not included in the membership fee, and can cost at least $ 60 a week.

The Supplements

When you are on the Jenny Craig Diet, you will also have to pay for supplements as they are an integral part of the program. The diet includes taking certain supplements to help you lose more weight effectively. The prices for these range around $ 20 a month.

Fitness Equipment

You may need to spend additional money on fitness equipment and gear as part of the diet. While there are no specific requirements, you will need to check with your club on what equipment you will need.

Is the Jenny Craig Diet Worth the Costs?

As you can see, you may end up spending more than $ 300 a month while on the Jenny Craig Diet. The choice is yours whether you should consider partaking in this rigorous exercise and diet program, or choose to go with something cheaper (sometimes at your own pace at home).